Dr. Bonnie Rose, ND, CTN
Nationally Board Certified Traditional Naturopathic Doctor
Master Herbalist


Modern & Man-Made Diseases

Have you been through the revolving doors of Doctors, Hospitals, Lab Test, Specialist and told by a Doctor that "they just do not know what it is" 
.....you are not alone!

This is regularly what I hear from those who contact me for help with their health challenges. There are adverse health disorders and diseased states brought about from toxic influences that are not detected in the routine lab test.


Nor are many modern man-made diseases able to be helped with the usual antibiotics or other drugs that just manage symptoms. There are times when managing symptoms until you heal, such as pain from an injury, is a wonderful option and just what is needed.


But what about the odd array of symptoms you have that seem unrelated and keep getting worse, you have most likely come into contact with a highly resistant stealthy contaminant now being called the "Super Bugs" these bacteria, virus,  fungus, and parasites naturally have a high capacity for adaptation in harsh and ever-changing climates, and have evolved in the modern world of toxic chemicals to not only survive, but thrive and even morph into something we cannot yet identify.


Those who have suspected that they are infested with Parasites may have also learned that the test from Hospitals for Parasites are limited, very limited. Regularly, they are told that they do not have Parasites and it is all in their minds! 

My work brings me people who travel the world and become exposed to all sorts of things in foreign water, food, and the environment.  People in the fields of Security & Special Forces, Missionaries, Flight Attendants, Merchant Marines, and others who travel regularly are more vulnerable to toxic influences.  You do not have to travel these days for such exposures as the world is a global marketplace. 


If you have been exposed to the Toxins of War such as Burn Pits, excessive vaccines, contaminated water, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Shock from explosives, and excessive drugging to help fight the myriad of symptoms, please know that you can restore your life again! I have worked extensively with our Military Forces at every level and know the complications you face trying to negotiate a normal life when nothing any longer is normal! 


Heavy Metals are seemingly unavoidable, the exposures are in the water, air, soil, foods, cosmetics, vaccines and old paint, and a variety of items we use every day. Once we become exposed to them they are stored in the body and begin to cause a host of unwanted responses as they lead to a breakdown in tissues, glands, tissues and systems in the body.


Such Adverse Health Trends seem to have become my Specialty, please feel free to give me a call to share your situation with me and learn more about how we can work together to achieve your restored health!


In Health & Healing,

​Dr. Bonnie Rose, ND, CTN