​Hi Dr. Rose, 

Yes, everything is going well. I'm taking all the vitamins/minerals etc. every day as directed.

I want to let you know how I am improving and send you my testimonial!

I have not had any energy or motivation to do the things I have needed to do or would like to do for a very long time. 

Since starting your program just a few weeks ago, I have increased energy and motivation. 

I started by cleaning and organizing my house, I put papers in stacks, started filing, cleaned
and put all the stuff that had been accumulating on the countertop and put in baskets in the cupboard. 

I Thoroughly cleaned my kitchen and put stuff on countertops away, cleaned floor, etc. and 
I feel so much better for doing it. I also sorted and organized my clothes in my bedroom and hung them up in a closet.

Dr. Bonnie Rose, I really appreciate all your help and guidance, and the program you have put me on
to get me on the right track to wholeness. 

Thank you again, Linda Doyle VA Beach- January 25, 2019

Kristina Lynema  
February 21, 2018 ·

Dr. Rose is an answer to prayer!
 I have had PTSD for over 7 years, and have 
chronic traumatic migraines from a TBI, traumatic brain injury. 

Nothing was working, I was swapping prescription drugs every two months. 
Since having the hair test and working with her my whole life is turning around.

I am not on as many meds as the supplements are taking the place of them. 
I am excited for the future for the first time in 7 1/2 years.

Dear Dr. Rose,

I can't express to you how pleased we are with your care of our Grandson. Over the summer since you first did his hair analysis
and started him on a program, he has become a pretty normal little boy now. As you know he was full of fear, confusion, socially 
intimidated, disruptive in school, home and church, and distant emotionally. 

Now he laughs, dances and plays with us and other children. 
We moved him to a new school so he could have a new start in life in the first grade. He even sleeps through the nights now without
the nightmares we all as a family had to go through with him. Thank you again so much from one very happy family!

Pam & Scott
Norfolk Va
September 2018

Amazing results from working with Dr. Bonnie!! 
The hair analysis is extremely thorough and eye opening. 

Both my husband and I have seen amazing results with our health in just a month!! 
Natural supplements are definitely the way to go - 

we have worked with doctors for over 23 years and have had no positive results.

After one month of supplements and diet change the medication is no longer taken and amazing 
positive results with our health and life!! Dr. Bonnie is truly a blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Teri Doddy  
April 23, 2017

Debbie Dern-Parker She is amazing!!!!! I love her to the moon and back! So happy I found her sweet and beautiful Lady!!!!! 
Hugs to you! 

 Dr Rose is truly amazing!!!!

I have been under her care since 2006 and I'm 72 years old 
and Iam in the best health condition of my life thanks to her 
professional advice and detox methods.

Veronica Staples

Dan Duke  — 5 star
April 7, 2017 · 
Dr. Bonnie helped my dog when he was going lame. Vet was calling for $3K-$5K knee surgery, 
$3K in physical therapy for my dog Roscoe. Dr. Bonnie recommended supplements, gave 
some nutrition suggestions and in three weeks, his severe limp was gone. He's happy and 
frisky as ever! No surgery, no prescription drugs. Now, Dr. Bonnie is Roscoe's favorite human, 
and his owners are extremely grateful.

Met Dr. Rose 5 years ago, I had been through an enormous amount of stress. My father died suddenly in my home, 
5 months later my husband of 17 years passed. 2 years later married a man who said he wanted to quit drinking 
and was waiting for someone like me to help him ( I believed him) stayed with him for 10 years. My mother had 
2 massive heart attacks and multiple strokes, I cared for her after she was released from the hospital. 

And many more situations before, during and after that. I was a complete depressed mess. Then a miracle happened to me, 
I was blessed to meet Dr. Bonnie Rose, she took a bit of my hair and an analysis was done, the results were 
amazing to me. Dr. Bonnie could tell what type of toxic water I drank,  WOW, how my depression and stress 
affected my body which caused other health issues. 

Through the analysis of my water and hair sample she suggested 
I take certain vitamins and minerals, within a couple weeks I was so surprised of how great I felt, I was 
regaining my memory, my stamina was returning, the aches and pains I felt in my body were diminishing, 
my zest for life was also returning. 

Dr. Rose you are a ROCK STAR in your field! You care and respect your patients and treat them with love and respect. 
Today I am healthy and strong and it's all thanks to Dr. Bonnie Rose.

Jean Anabel 
February 15, 2017

Dr. Rose is the consummate professional. 
Well versed in her field and keenly analytical in her approach to the healing process, 
she is always in tune with her patients' needs and the surrounding environment. 

She always provides quality care and sensible paths to wellness. 
Dr. Rose's reputation is synonymous with the phrase, "combining the wisdom of nature with the rigors of modern science".

Joe Belec 
February 14, 2017

Tamra Hudgins Lenz
February 13, 2017 

Been working with Dr. Bonnie for the last 5 years. Had a slight medical "hiccup," as reflected in my hair analysis. 
Picked up my supplements from Dr. Bonnie and couldn't believe my noticeable symptoms had disappeared 
by the next morning...within 12 hours!! I was ASTOUNDED! Did I say ASTOUNDED?

Traditional medicine definitely has its place within our society. Medical doctors have saved my life more than once. 
But I prefer a path where we let food and natural medicine heal our bodies. 
And Dr. Bonnie is just the guide to show you the way.

Dear Friends,

I prayed to God to show me "The Light in the darkness".  I was lead to Dr. Bonnie Rose - Natural Remedy Doctor. 

I wanted a Doctor that wouldn't put me on a string of conventional medications which feeds toxins, parasites, bacteria, fungus, and yeast.! I was sooth exhausted from this derailment of pain, loss of memory, and endless other side effects that came from medications that I had used in the past for pain, Smh.! 

After twelve (12) doctor's appointments, and five (5) emergency room visits; I was lead to Dr. Bonnie; She listened to me as I explained my symptoms, and she was able to treat the severe joint inflammation inside my knees. After only (3) weeks I was on my way to being pain free.! And on the (5th) week of therapy, I was completely pain free.!!!! 

As we all know, it takes time to get harmful toxins, parasites, etc...out of our systems...because we're made up of billions of cells. So I am continuing my regimen to make sure every level of cells has been cleansed completely. 

This experience has taught me so much about my body, mind, and spirit (complete wellness). 

Truly thank you again Dr. Rose for your "superb" knowledge and your kindness during treatments.  

Ps: I can't wait to give you the follow to my success story in a few months. God bless...Godspeed.! 

Vanessa D

September 21, 2015

To Whom It May Concern;

My mom, June Testa,  was diagnosed with Parkinson and advanced stages of Alzheimer by her primary doctor two years ago 
She was put on carob/levo, amend and reaccept. She is now 87 years old and has deteriorated rapidly since then. 
There was nothing else the doctor's could do to help her. We faced Hospice. The medical doctor's never suggested 
any other alternative treatment to help her, but, because my brother and I believed there had to be another way, we 
researched, read many books on natural healing methods and put into action some of their recommendations. 
But, we had little success, all along knowing that we were looking at her health condition blindly.

We came to Dr. Rose, my mom was 86, immobile, and bedridden. Every time I visited her she was worse. 
It was so painful to see her deteriorate in body and mind nearly to the point where she did not recognize me. 
It was at that time I knew if we did not do something different to help her, it would be too late. So, we decided to get her
 lab work completed through Dr. Rose, to empower us with a good picture of her biochemistry. When we received the results, 
it was shocking to see her bodies condition, but at the same time, we became aware of many of the causes of her trouble. 
Dr. Rose started pure water therapy at once.

After Dr. Rose studied her charts and explained her condition, she recommended a custom protocol for her recovery which 
we started in April of this year. The outcome has been very exciting - in just a few short months, the life has come back into my Mom!

We have seen her recovery! I sent Dr. Rose before and after photos and she could clearly see that her presence was back! 
She was not blankly staring, her countenance had changed. In such a short time, there has been an astonishing turn-around for the better. 
My brother saw her improvement as well. When I went to visit my mom in June, only three months after she started on the program, 
she was talking to me! She understood everything I said and knew who I was! She also knew her brothers and sisters by photograph 
and on the phone whereas she did not know them 6 months prior.

When they heard about her improvement, they called to talk to her. She said hello and answered them, and knew who they all were! 
I showed her a magazine I had of kitchen cabinets and told her I didn't know which one would be best for my kitchen renovation 
and she said "I like the white ones the best"! Prior to this my mom had not been talking!

I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for Dr. Rose and her expertise in this field. She stated that "there is so much we can do 
to reverse this debilitating condition and enhance her quality of life"! It has made all the difference so far, and we remain hopeful 
for my mom's continued day to day recovery.

After a year of visiting medical doctor's for my own conditions, and submitting many different labs, they could not diagnose me, and 
I was told that there was nothing they could do for me, and to go home! So I researched for an alternative doctor and eventually met 
Dr. Rose. After talking to her, I began my lab test and have been on a protocol for the PTSD I suffered from and in 6 months in which 
time my health has made a significant improvement. 

Gail Testa
Virginia Beach

To Whom it May Concern;

I am writing to recommend Dr. Rose to anyone who needs help with their health. I feel like I owe her my life! 
I grew up going to NIH (National Institute of Health) as a way of life being treated for a Blood Disorder. 
I never got well, they just ran lots of test, sent me to different Doctors who gave me lots of drugs for depression. 
I was always weak and sickly. At a point when I was seen in the ER several times this year and dying, lost 60 pounds, I was giving up. 

I had known of Dr. Rose and decided to take the Hair Analysis Lab Test with her. 
In short, she has saved my life! She found in the lab report that my blood 
disorder was actually Mercury poisoning! She gave me a  protocol and started the detoxification process. 

Now, I am going to school, working part time and putting on weight. 
I am happy and optimistic about life! I will tell anyone about my experience 
and suggest that they put their trust in her as I have, you will be so happy with your health!

Norfolk, VA

Hi Dr. Rose,

I just wanted to write a letter to you to show thanks for the way you helped my Son. 
You know when we found you we were going to the emergency room often because 
he had seizures and the Doctors did nor know what to do for him, we were very scared. 
He had to stop going to school and lost his drivers license. 

He hardly left home. 
Your also did a little history and found that he delivered pizza all through high school, ate lots of pizza daily. 

You told us that pizza dough is often loaded with aluminum. 
Now you have him healthy again, he got his drivers license back and is starting college soon. 
Thank you is not enough! Praise God!


“I was introduced to Dr. Bonnie through a mutual acquaintance who had used her services. 

After only a few minutes of conversation, I was impressed with her expertise and so intrigued by 
her philosophies that ordered a hair analysis for myself.

 When we together reviewed the results, she knew things about my health that I had not even disclosed!

 I have since started on a holistic health regimen to rid my body of heavy metals and toxins, 
and build up my minerals and vitamins. 


I have tons of energy and a high level of productivity. My personal goal is for 2011
 to be my healthiest year ever and, with Dr. Bonnie's expertise, I expect to fulfill my goal!” 

May 2, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert 

Tamra Lenz
Sr. Design Conslt. Closet Factory

To Whom It May Concern;

I am a 46 year old male who has been suffering from chronic anxiety, depression, fatigue and body pain for over eleven years. I have served as an aviation structural mechanic and in management positions for a total of 24 years in the United States Navy. Within the past year I experienced a period of extreme anxiety and depression which produced fibromyalgia like symptoms of muscle tissue pain, body ache, difficulty breathing due to the pain. The conditions reached a point requiring hospitalization for a week due to extreme pain.

The fact that conventional medicine could not provide a proper diagnosis, nor any test to confirm what I was feeling inside made the whole episode more terrifying, as I would have to return to work with no cure. I was required to report for work every morning at 6am while experiencing extreme morning fatigue and pain, it was so difficult to just get up in the morning.

Through a referral from my civilian Doctor, Dr. Parker,  I was able to get in touch with Dr. Bonnie Rose. It was a time I was at the end of my rope, as I had taken virtually every medication for depressing and supplements to increase Serotonin.  I had achieved some improvement with some of the meds and also with various supplements, at most lasting a few months, but no permanent fix and chronic conditions gradually worsening over the years. I was told Dr. rose dealt with heavy metals in the body and could run a test using a hair sample about the size of a thumbnail. I had little to lose at this point. 

When I received my test results there were large amounts of copper, aluminum, and titanium, arsenic, mercury among other toxic elements in my body. Once again, I thought I would see some improvement with my fatigue when the metals were removed, but, I figured I was stuck with my deep depression. I started my treatment  and awoke feeling rested on my own at 6:30, which was unheard of for me on the weekends as I slept until at least 10 due to pain and exhaustion. It did not take long for the fibromyalgia pain to go away and a major reduction in my depression  within a few weeks, I felt like I was on my way to having my life back. 

After 3 months, I am working on the roof, riding my bike, picking up the fragments of years of a life neglected. Now six months later everyone can not believe how healthy I look, even my laughter is back. I am fully engaged in my life, my wife has her husband back ! My hope is that those suffering with similar chronic ailments will seek Dr. Rose's program and turn their lives around to a new vibrant life they may have been missing for years!


Craig Reynolds 
Virginia Beach

Hello Dr Rose,

The past two years with you helping our Son has produced results we still can't believe. He is now 3 years old and because of our care and the 
hair test labs we never had to medicate him. The things the Doctors told us when he was still an infant was scary and we did not want to believe
that we had a mentally disabled child. We are now going to have another baby and will call you if anything looks like it is not going right. 
Grateful to you,
North Carolina

Dear Dr. Rose, ND,

I owe you my life! Several ER and Hospital in patient 
with no resolve for my lungs 
and thanks to you I can breath, 
walk and not get winded
and am getting my life back. 
With Love for you and all you do!



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Mrs. Testa
Before treatment in first photo blank stare, not speaking fully disabled.

The second photo of a bright and happy active person after a few months of Nutritional Therapy