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Heavy Metal Induced Pain & Pain Relief

One category of pain often overlooked are the heavy metals in the body. 

A very common problem of chronic pain and inflammation with no apparent cause is due to heavy metal toxicity. Heavy Metals are Neurotoxic. They errode nerve, brain and other tissues in the body.

Heavy Metals often lead to a deficiency in Nutritional Elements:

Two causes of pain you can easily reverse are those related to toxicity and deficiency. A deficiency of nutrients to your body is considered a toxic state. When you are deficient in a nutrient, your body will steal what it needs from other tissues. Deficiency in nutrients can be very painful, malnourishment of even a single element can lead to severe pain. 

This information is obtained through the process of a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Lab Report. This report will not only show metal contamination, but, the effect is is having in your body.

As there is absolutely no place in the human body for heavy metals, once we become contaminated our body will seek the most logical place to store them out of the way.

The metals are too heavy for the blood stream to carry for long so they are sequestered from the blood, and rather quickly deposited into the nutritional element receptors.

This is why a blood test will seldom show heavy metal contamination, unless you are presently being contaminated or in the process of detoxification. 

To your body the element Calcium and the heavy metal Lead code similarly. Therefore the body will lay Lead in the bone tissues, ultimately resulting in bone degeneration. This is painful as future Calcium deposition will be prohibited as the Lead forms a shield. 

This same process can also lead to painful and swollen joints as the Lead blocks your body from removing waste and regenerating new tissues. Calcium undeposited into soft tissues leads to hard formations around joint and other tissues. 

This is just one scenario of a multitude of ways Heavy Metal contamination can lead to pain. These metals compete for mineral processes in the body which can lead to a breakdown in elasticity in muscular function and nerve conduction. 

The Blood Brain Barrier is in place to prevent metals from entering the brain tissue, however, Aluminum acts as an "Excitotoxin" in the same way as MSG and other artificial ingredients, piercing through the BBB making this process permeable allowing heavy metals and other contaminants to move into the brain. 

Aluminum in brain tissues potentially leads to memory loss and headaches and just as mercury it can attack the thyroid and also cause vision disturbances and much more.