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Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional Medicine is a very advanced science of nourishing the body in exactly what it needs for proper function. The Scientific Validation of Natural Medicine is now far beyond the careful and proper selection of vitamins, minerals and herbs for health. In this field we are trained to custom design nutritional plans for your specific needs; dealing with prevention or reversal of diseases & disorders such as radiation poisoning or cancer prevention, to an anti-fungal diet, diabetes, weight loss and more. 

By strategically consuming elements which benefit you, and eliminating what you do not presently need, especially the removal of toxins and heavy metals, your rate of recovery will dramatically improve.

I have spent decades researching the market place, examining natural health supplements and companies, manufacturers of products and the industry as a whole. There is so much caution required now in making selections for our precious health, and it can be quite confusing. The links provided in my website are often updated for your information about premiere medicinal plants and products which correct health at the deepest level. 

My screening tool is the highly accurate Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Lab Test. Minerals are the work horses of the human body, everything which moves in the development and maintenance of the body requires minerals, from blinking your eyes to generating new bone tissue. Minerals have to be sufficient and also in the right ratios as there are many antagonistic & synergistic relationships among them.

Of great interest and equally of great concern to me is Modern Man Made Diseases. These are the emerging health concerns which are leading to all manner of debility which are caused by genetic alteration of organisms; directly or indirectly. The consequences are that modern medicine has contributed to the growing problem and has no way to defend us against it. There are ways however to fight these complex processes which can erode our health and have us often leaving the Doctor visit without any idea of what is going on. We are developing complex syndromes; which are seemingly unrelated symptoms with a common cause. 

Diet, is what you eat, what you consume is often different from what is absorbed into your tissues. Absorption depends upon bioavailability, the ability to be utilized by the body.  Lack of absorption depends upon many variables such as toxic load leading to malabsorption. Our DNA cannot decode GMO's therefore leading to chronic inflammation as these items congest the body.

An example of mal-absorption minerals could be that you have mercury toxicity and your body has stored the mercury in your Iron receptor sites. Therefore you may be taking iron supplements, but, due to the mercury block your body can not utilize the iron. Resulting in a relative iron deficiency of tissue levels. This would put you at risk for anemia even if iron levels are good on your blood test. The solution is to chelate out (remove) the heavy metals so the nutrients can perform.

When you take the Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Lab test you learn about your current status in terms of your Nutritional Elements *your calcium, magnesium, lithium, for exmple, and all of the vital elements for human function. You will get to see directly if you are contaminated with toxic elements or heavy metals and how they are adversely affecting your health. 

You will see detailed information of the disease process taking place in your body. An example would be that you have little to no calcium, a deficiency is a toxicity. The lab report will state the type of bone loss you may be experiencing, osteoarthritis for example, and explain why you now are at risk of forming the disease, detailing the extent of which it may have formed and in the nutritional guidelines it will tell you how to repair such damage. 

This lab test will give you a highly personalized, very detailed nutritional plan, explaining what you need to eat / consume and an explanation as to why each item matters to you. As well, it will take away nutritional elements you should not consume at this time. An example would be that say you have a toxic level of calcium which is causing hardening of soft tissue in your body, consequently leadiing to a softening of hard tissues like bone and teeth which are built on calcium. This build up will result in sore and painful muscles hardening of arteries, gall and kidney stones to name a few. This effort of conversion would temporarily take away calcium rich foods just until we get the balance back in your profile by reducing the excessive calcium. 

Additionally the nutritional plan will give and take away foods based upon your Metabolic Rate, of which there are 8 levels. This has to do with your ability to digest, absorb, and metabolize foods and other nutrients. The status and health of your digestion, thyroid and adrenal glands based upon the level of stress in your body and other factors will be disclosed in the report. If these processes need to be healed, we can not weigh them down with improper food selections which for example may be too difficult to digest at this time, adding additional stress on the body and taking extra energy for the digestive process.

To sum up this brief overview of Nutritional Medicine, I think that this lab test is a very exciting tool from which you gain empowerment over your own health unlike any other. As you learn of your requirements and begin to take action, the subtle changes soon become profound changes in your health and wellbeing. From a strong healthy position, you can begin to take charge of your life and attain higher goals and aspirations!

Wishing you Blessings and Abundant Good Health!


Dr. Bonnie Rose, ND, CTN