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Thank you for stopping by my website. This site is for those who wish to learn more about Natural Health Restoration processes. 

Think of a Naturopathic Doctor as an Internist who can get to the core cause of your diseased state or work to help you prevent diseases from forming by prevention.

Using state of the art forensic diagnostic testing from an International Lab: Trace Minerals Lab, Inc. in Texas. to obtain a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Lab Report for you, I view health with a Functional Medicine lens to uncover the root of an adverse health problem. 

From the results and in accordance with all other aspects of your health, a combination of a blend of naturopathic treatments including nutritional counseling, targeted supplementation, and detoxification therapies will be coordinated with you and also your other Health Restoration Care providers like Chiropractor, Massage Therapist & Physical Therapist.

Areas of concentration are in the emerging area of Man Made Diseases. In uncovering the hidden toxins in the body which include, yet, are not limited to Heavy Metals and Parasites. 

You will learn how by increasing the health of the body's systems of elimination the detoxification process is enhanced, along with other methods of restoration. 

Often this is an all new process and educational experience for the person undertaking this step to take control of their own health. You will be happy you did!

Please feel free to contact me to learn more about how you can learn more about Natural Health Care.

Thank You,

Blessings to your good health!


Dr. Bonnie Rose, ND, CTN