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 Disease Prevention    Health Preservation     Health Restoration
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Disease Prevention Health Preservation Health Restoration

Disease Prevention: Prevention is a lifestyle whereby one knows some of the major dietary enhancements and also the restrictions which can prevent or promote adverse health. Prevention goes further into the items listed lower in the chart below.

Health Preservation: This is when general good health begins to decline. When your normal lifestyle contributions no longer feel like enough. There may not even be a specific disease or known illness, just the loss of vitality. This is when we must read those little clues and start on the path of Health Preservation. This is when repeated sicknesses begin to set in. Here one's life begins to have to make space for the treatment of disease or illness. 

Health Preservation: This is when adverse health signals and repeated sicknesses begin to form into diseases. Diseases can form in clusters seemingly without connections which are referred to as a syndrome. Or clear cut disease can take hold in the body. This is the most difficult stage in which to catch diseases. But, just as every person and situation is different, what is distinctly clear is that people can heal from even the most bleak health crisis.